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    Con il progetto Dream of Italy” Rubinia rappresenta la prima donna italiana ad esporre a Dubai. L’opera di Rubinia “flash of light” è stampata sulla scatola della TIM per la pubblicità del router E5432S

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» Santina Spiriti - (Scrittrice)

With a brush you can draw love
The smell of rain
The torment of the sea
The heat of the sun.
With a brush you can pass the heart
With a brush you can send emotion
You can shake the feeling.

With a brush
you can harness the STARS and their warmth ... and ... give to those who suffer.
You can soothe the pain
RUBINIA an artist...
The art ... the expression of its Courage and
personality complex ...
Love, passion, color, heat ... rebel
Veiled conceptual transgression ...
Existential pain of a life ... deep.
anger evident ...
OCCULT sweetness ...
Rubinia a woman ... today.
A tangle of emotions that are never easy.

» Vittorio Sgarbi

Painting has a secret spirit waving under the colour. Rubinia pursues its traces even in the forms that the mind expresses in abstract art.
The variations translate the copies into originals, through a realistic transformation of the images, in a programmatic alienation of the colour.

» Sonia Terzino - Giornalista e critica d'arte

"Fascination and mistery in Rubinia's works". Rubinia's works are permeated with a sweet and light sense of sublime mixed with poetic notes.
We can hear an ancient music coming out form the past, among hundreds of nuances that the painter impresses on the canvas before of thinking about it as a finished work. The artist was born in the mystic Umbrae land of which she embodies the deepest pictorial soul, and she is lighted by the sacred fire of art. for many years painting has been just a hobby for Rubinia, an escapist expression of her inspiration, but since many years, art has become her main activity: through an important choice she decided to leave everything she had to consecrate her life to art.
Rubinia chose the motto:" Beauty will save the world " and thanks to this belief she faces everyday with a large smile. The artist offers us a painting that goes from the reproduction of the greatest artists of the past to the abstract expression, to reach her personal creation made in a mixed technique. The rare, introspective capacity of the artist gives life to works of unbeatable beauty. Starting her career her restorer of ancient frescoes to the presence at important international exhibitions, Rubinia created her own personal market. Many important VIP of show business show their appreciation for Rubinia and decided to have her works in their collections; in this period the artist lives travelling through Italy, Germany, Tunisia, and she's very appreciated by critics and owners of art galleries.
Maybe it's just Umbria, her beloved land, the region that still has to discover the real value of Rubinia: even if it's do hard to find artist so rich of moral highness, deep care and real talent.
The works of this painter have their source in a sincere devotion to life and to art. The canvas are carefully fashioned, the colour is wisely blended and measured, in order to give life to the pictures of the Umbrae artist: figures born from silence and passion and we can taste the ancient aroma of past times but, as like arrows, they are thrown towards the future.
Especially in the latest production of this painter we can find a sensual fusion of past and present thanks to the use of a XVIth technique, inherited lesson of the greatest masters of Italian Renaissance.
Rubinia offers us a modern interpretation of scenes taken from the Ancient Testament and from Greek and Roman mythology. As never seen in her career, now she is close to the veiled and mixed colour of Classicism and, at the same time, far away from it through an innovative sense of moving impressed on her canvas.
A new, fascinating art comes out from the work of Rubinia: she makes an harmonic mix of different pictorial canons and this mix makes her original and unique

» Giuseppe Mascio - Assessore regionale alle infrastrutture e politiche del trasporto

The art of Rubinia is learned, elegant, refined: she, with an innovator technique, evokes mythological symbols and characters. Transposing them in spatial and temporal contexts that take to our minds not only contemporary scenes, but even future ones. The studies and the works of past tradition have the purpose to give serenity and certainty to our contemporary world that is involved in a continuous research of moral and ethic values, sure that cultural relation is a resource and not an obstacle; everything can be led back to simple and ancient structures, a choose of the complex structures of our modern age. It’s just here that we feel the energy of an artist who support her studies with an enchanting technique in order to involve those who love art, arousing passion and attraction towards the fantastic world that lies in us. It’s not occidental the important tradition that, beyond the actual experience, was always tried to make real the pictures thinking about it as an iconographic need in which form and morality are fused in an extraordinary result. The figure is the focal point of art, it represents the power of imagination and this put her to the central point of the language.

» Giampaolo Falciai Consigliere di Stato

Classicism, imagination and pictorial technique melted in this artistic expression. The artist is consciously inspired by Greek and Latin classic, taken as ideal models of equilibrium, serenity, beauty of forms. Then, with a  personal interpretation of classic canons, we find pictorial solution in which fantasy ties together and ethereal symbolization with a detached expression. All this is supported by the relish for the technical innovation that, crossing over the artisan traditions of Medieval workshops, follows and overcomes the Renaissance tradition thanks to particular transparencies obtained laying several coats of colour. We can summarize “something new indeed antique”, striking for the lightness of images who seem hanging and diaphanous in a timeless world. 

» Marco Nicoletti - ritratti di un'idea

During our life we can meet the archetypes which preside over the reproduction of the images.
In a region of the wide space I met the art of Rubinia , a painter who in her first works of sacred archaism , gives new life to eternal thoughts through traditional images . The human being doesn’t create the thought : he can just attract or reject them . Each idea is a divinity. And Rubinia’s images are divinities : modern mythological and biblical representations of states of nature with the same  inborn rhythm of female form of art deco – the cocorites of Jean Dupas, for example, and the same slim elegance of the bozzetti for a mosaico by G. Severini ; the same elegance of the recent frivolous  figures of Jo Ponti and Tommaso Buzzi.
Talking about important Italian architects, we are sure that even Buzzi ( for his villa – temple in Sabaudia) and Andrea Busiri  Vici (for his elegant roman villas ) would have appreciated Rubinia’s paintings .
Rubinia’s gods seem coming out from Pompei’s frescoes and they symbolize a perfect harmony between divinities and humans; they are shadows mounted on precious golden supports that lead our mines to the oriental hand made boards by Dunan for the artists of European deco.
It seems impossible that the deep classicist culture of Rubinia could suddenly grow in a synthesis of concepts where form, lines and figures are dissolving , opening the way to unexpected , bright quintessence .
We cannot talk about them just as “abstractism” in which we find so many expressions to find the leit-motif of  the Genesis, the “ rukn el-arcan” the “corner of the corners” .
These expressions are more realistic and vivid of the first representations, where the light ( crystallized in the matter ) had a lower modeller strength .The stylistic evolution of Rubinia goes a long the way of a spiritual evolution : in the last work she chooses the fifth of six halts which  go from the brutal matter to the divine : she chooses the dimension of brightness , where the can be masters who can manage them selves and there wills.