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    Con il progetto Dream of Italy” Rubinia rappresenta la prima donna italiana ad esporre a Dubai. L’opera di Rubinia “flash of light” è stampata sulla scatola della TIM per la pubblicità del router E5432S

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about me

 About me



“the style was born from the clouds of colors”

My entire life has been full of adventures all around the world, anyway the most important discover in my career is represented by the “Ebru technique”.

When I was in Dubai, I found out an ancient technique whose origins are located between Iran and India about  3000 years ago! This kind of art became really popular in Turkey, that’s why its name “Ebru” from Turkish language, means “cloudy”.

Therefore the combination between water and colours is the main essence of my paintings, they are all signed and limited in pieces of 100 each all over the world.

rubinia water paintings


Bags and Accessorizes

The “Rubinia Shopping Bag” are made in Italy, all designed and signed by Rubinia. Their colours are inspired by the sea that’s why their names correspond to coastal towns. They will enrich your ordinary days with an explosion of colours.

Discover them in the Gallery section!

Rubinia Bags and Accessorizes


Home Decor

This section show you a set of work I did in the past, as wall decoration, doors decor, all things that I still do on request.  I did also interior decoration or repairs on old furniture as the customer ask!

Rubinia Home Decor



If you have a question or curiosity, if you just want to have more information please write at:


or call my Italian number: +39 3283040493